to the Meeting Application​

You will find all the information you need to complete the Meeting Application app. 

About the Application

The Meeting application is a software platform that allows you to create your own conference application and online event. Through an intuitive administration panel you will choose all the functionalities that your application should have, fill them with content and adapt to your needs. Take communication throughout the event to a new level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the built-in password recovery option in the app or go directly to the following location in order to set your new password – here.

Can I fully use the service within the 14-day trial? I would like to test the app before I decide to buy it.

Yes, you can! During the trial period you have the full functionality of the app enabled. You can configure your app in the CMS administration panel and test it for 14 days.

Moreover, you can even prepare your final app version during that period and you will be ready to use it during your event just after making the payment. It’s that simple!

Just register on our website and you will get the instant access to your 14-days Trial app.

If you no longer want to use our application, please contact us to delete your account – support@meetingapplication.com