Access mode - application access settings

Access mode – accessibility settings

You can decide who can join your event. It is up to you whether users have to log in or not.

An application contains components that require logging in due to their nature, like: feedwall, attendees, treasure hunt, business matching. There are also such components in the application, that have the features requiring logging in, e.g.: surveys and quizzes, asking the questions to speakers in the agenda or adding the photos in the Photo Booth component.

To protect your event content from unwanted guests, you can add an additional “access code” or create a guest whitelist. With these functions, your app’s content will be fully confidential. 

Types of access to the application

In the first step of creating the app (Basic Info section), you have to choose one from the four types of access to the event (it can be changed later):

  1. Whitelist – its a type of access, where you create a list of defined users. Only those from the whitelist , can join the event. Additionally, you can provide an email domain, which of members are also allowed to access the event. See, how the whitelist works.(link)
  2. Disabled – everyone can join the event. Users will not receive a login request upon joining the event. If someone chooses a function that requires logging in, the application will ask to log in before using this feature.
  3. Optional – a pop-up will appear with a login option, but users can skip this step. To use the basic functions of the app login is not required. To use all features users will have to log in. There is a possibility to log in with Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple ID or a previously created account. The registration option will be available at the bottom of the login screen.
  4. Required – the application requires logging in to join the event. Users may log in with Facebook, LinkedIn or previously created accounts. In order to log in, the user needs to register first – the button for it is available at the bottom of the logging screen.

If you choose the “Disabled” access mode, the component that opens upon joining the event, called “first to open”, can’t be one, that requires logging in. This component will be inactive, greyed out in the panel in the 4th step “Summary” of the app creator process. 

Components that require being logging in are as follows: feed wall, attendees, treasure hunt, gamification, business matching.

Access Code

To protect your event against unwanted guests, you can create an access code, which provides is a necessity before joining the event. This function is independent of the access mode you choose. 

The access code is a continuous string of numbers or letters. It can’t contain spaces and diacritical letters like: ą, é, ä, etc. 

Remember to provide the access code to the users, before they will start joining in.

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