Access - decide who can access your app

Set up and manage access to your app choosing between one of the types: None, Open, Close or Whitelist

There are 4 types of app access:


The application opens automatically. There is no registration screen. Your attendees do not have to log in. They can see all app content in the incognito mode unless they want to use the components which require providing personal data.
Remember to keep a public access to the application, which means the default component, that is shown after opening an app should not be set to one which requiring logging in.
Those components are: feedwall, inbox, treasure hunt, gamification, quiz, business matching.

For more information about the default, component click HERE


The app encourages your attendees to log in but they can skip registration screen. In order to use networking, photo booth or questions to a speaker, they will be asked to create an account.


Your attendees cannot skip registration screen. If they haven't used Meeting Application in the past, they need to register. If they have already created their account, they just log in order to use the app. It is recommended if you want to collect as many user data as possible.


Your attendees cannot skip registration screen. They have to register or log in in order to use the app. You have to paste email addresses of authorized users before the conference. Each attendee has to use one of the enlisted addresses to log in. In order to boost security, you can also send automatic welcome emails to users with passwords. It is recommended if your content is confidential or sensitive.

Click here to see more details about whitelist access mode





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