Add users manually - create users accounts

Enter user's e-mail and assign password

You already know how to import users from a CSV fileRemember that you can also add them manually and assign them passwords. It applies to all access modes: none, open, close, whitelist.

How it works?

Click 'Add user' button. There are 2 obligatory fields - email and password. Your attendees have to use these data when logging in. If you choose None, Open or Close as an access mode, your attendees will also be able to log in via their social media.

PROTIP 1: All users on the list can click 'Forgot password' button and receive a new one.

PROTIP 2: If you have added a given user once and assigned him/her a password, you cannot do it again.

PROTIP 3: If your access is set to whitelist, you are able to add users via this list only.

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