Agenda - keep the most important element up-to-date

Make sure users can find all important information about your event schedule

Your agenda is the most important source of up-to-date information for your attendees. That is why we have made it a feature-rich tool. However, before you start completing it, set the correct time zone in the Settings / General tab and add the Speakers. Here are 4 key elements you need in order to create your first event:

1. day - it makes it easy for your audience to filter your program. You can use a standard description like 'Day 1 - Thursday' or create names that depict event character - 'Team-Building Day'.

2. path - it is a type of the event like e.g. a workshop, panel discussion, concert, coffee break etc.

3. room (exact place) - e.g. Room no 1 or Silver Hall. PROTIP: if you have many venues, follow this format 'Room no 1, Arcadia Hotel'

4. speakers- you've done that already :-)





Now you are ready to create your event calendar. Click 'add event' button and choose a path, room, and day from a drop-down list. Fill in the gaps with the missing data.

PROTIP 1: there are 5 obligatory fields: name, time span, day, path, room.

PROTIP 2: If you have speakers profiles, you can choose the right account and match it with the session. You can add more than one speaker. Follow the same procedure as with the first one. (Type the name in 'Find and select speaker' and click 'select' button next to his/her profile.)

Once done, click 'save changes' button and add another event.

Here is a short video:


There is also a place for additional materials related to a given session.
Just paste your link and name the button. It can be a presentation, speaker's Twitter account, ticket link, video or any other URL.
Take a look at the video:

Remember that there is the option to enable ratings so attendees are able to evaluate each event in your agenda.
You may decide if to publish the results or hide them in the app.
In order to check the results go to Agenda component in the CMS Panel.
There are two key statistics displayed next to each event: average score and the number of votes (in brackets).
Here is how to do that:

Attendees have the possibility to ask questions to the events in the application.

You can see these questions in the Agenda component section.
It is possible to display them on the external screen or delete the selected ones.
The external page can be also refreshed automatically.
In order to activate this function in the agenda, please contact your dedicated support assistant who will enable it for you.
Look at this short video:


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