App Download Instructions

Instructions for downloading the application

Below you will find instructions prepared for downloading the application.
Verify which one is most adequate to your needs and copy it to the instruction section in the CMS panel [Settings / General - Download manual].


That will make it easier for your attendees to download and enter the right application.

For events hosted within the Meeting Application:



  1. Download Meeting Application from the store and open it
    2. Once opened, type in the event name or scan the QR code below with a built-in scanner

More detailed:
1. Download the Meeting Application from the App Store or Google Play and open it
2. Enter the name of the event in the application: "EVENT NAME" or scan the QR code below with the built-in scanner
3. Log in to use all the possibilities

The dedicated application - Multievent:

1. Download the application called "APPLICATION NAME" from the App Store or Google Play or scan the QR code with a code scanner.
2. Open it and select the event from the list
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to register / log in

Variants of the login point:

Import - if the list of participants was imported in the Users section, and the Welcome email has already been sent to the participants:

Log in with the e-mail address provided during registration and the password you received in your welcome email.

Whitelist - if the list of participants is previously defined and completed, but there was no user import.

Register and log in using the e-mail address you provided to the organizer.

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