Application promotion - make sure that the participants do not overlook your event

Promote your application before and during the event

After creating your application, there are only a few things left, but they are definitely WORTH doing!

Before the event, remember to send emails to your guests with an invitation to participate actively through the application. Attach a link to the Google Play and App Store and/or a QR code. Encourage them to download the application by showing useful functions:

  • creating an individual schedule based on the agenda          
  • inbox and feedwall (direct messages or chat with a group)
  • all necessary information on a mobile device
  • a possibility of providing feedback
  • maps
  • important notifications
  • photobooth

Let's proceed to the promotion/advertising of your application. We can use 4 different channels:

  • fanpage connected with the event
  • email campaign - read the article on our blog
  • website of the event
  • event landing page (you can find a link to your landing page on the main page of the cms panel)

PROTIP: Promote your landing page with many channels to increase the number of applications downloaded. Sample download instructions can be found in the next tabs - Instructions for downloading the application.

In each of the above elements, we can use your Landing Page which is available in the CMS panel. More on this subject can be found in the Settings -> General.

More information about the Landing Page itself and its editing options can be found in the section - Event Landing Page.

Remember that the application is an effective communication channel with your target group. You can communicate with participants in a less formal way and build a committed community. Additionally, you can stay in touch with the participants even after the event.

14 days before the event:

  • publish an information about the application on the event's website
  • prepare promotional posts about the application and send them once a day, 7 days before the event in the selected social media channel

PROTIP: Use a program to plan the publication of  your posts- set them for particular days and times not to worry about their regular publishing

7 days before the event:

  • add another medium (eg Twitter or LinkedIn) to your main channel of communication with participants (such as Facebook)
  • use the "Feedwall" component and publish the first message, e.g. "Preparations are already underway, we are counting down the days to your arrival!"
  • you can add a photo from the preparations
  • using PUSH Notification send a notification that will be saved in the application (PUSH type NEWS)
  • send a welcome email in which you attach instructions for downloading the application (example text in the attached files) and a link to your Landing Page - emphasize that this is also a great way to access the always updated agenda

2 days before the event:

  • use the "Feedwall" component and publish another message, e.g. "See you in two days! Are you ready for a solid portion of industry knowledge?"
  • using PUSH Notification send a notification that will be saved in the application (PUSH type NEWS)

1 day before the event:

  • use the "Feedwall" component and publish another message, in which you emphasize that the event starts tomorrow, encourage guests to come
  • send a PUSH of the type News

During the event:

  • remember to greet the audience. In the Feedwall section, write, for example, "Thank you for being with us and for joining our community. Create your own calendar, discuss with other participants and do not forget to leave your opinion. We want to take care of your needs in the future. Have fun. Organizer"
  • publish News regularly, but remember not to overload participants with information -tell the audience about all important changes. The application is an ideal tool for change management
  • to the most important messages, send PUSH notifications of the type News.
  • make sure that the messages are directed only to the participants, eg "We are serving coffee in the foyer. We would like to thank the catering company for converting water into delicious coffee. Enjoy your meal :-)."
  • encourage people to complete surveys or to take part in the quizzes - do not forget to collect opinions. Add a survey, then send a Survey PUSH message to direct the participant directly to this component. This increases the number of completed surveys by more than 200%
  • thank the participants for coming, sharing knowledge, sharing time and building this unique community. Invite them to your next event!

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