Basic setup - Configure your application

Get started with basic settings (applies to Hosted App - for Dedicated App we do it for you!)


Remember about a detailed data upload. Your attendees should be able to find all necessary information in your app.



General tips:



  • edit menu tab names, icons and its order
  • hide components if needed, contact your dedicated assistant if you want to duplicate any of them
  • show a given content to a specific attendee group
  • edit data real-time before, during and after the event

Take a look at the next steps to view basic setup process for your Hosted App.


Your app should match your key visuals, promo materials, and communication style. Based on this data, pick the event logo and adjust colors.





You do not have to set anything here as you have chosen a dedicated app version. Our graphic designers prepare mock-ups of your app. You need to provide keyvisuals,app name, event descriptions, and keywords via email. We need this data for App Store and Google Play approvals.



Here are the next steps for a hosted app admin:
1. Provide your event name. By typing this name, your attendees are able to find your app on our multi-event platform.
2. Select the proper timezone for your event.
3. Press "Click and select or drop logo file here." in order to add your logo. Then choose a given file.
4. Adjust the layout to your logo. Choose the colors of:
  • background
  • menu tabs
  • a given component name
  • all other component names
It is that simple:





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