Exhibitors - prepare exhibitor profiles

Highlight exhibitors and let participants know them

Firstly, set a category.

Click ‘Add category’, type its name and pick a color.

How to create exhibitor profiles?

Create a category called 'Exhibitors' (see instruction below). Now press 'Profiles' next to it and click 'Add profile' button. You are ready to fill in the gaps and add a logo by pressing 'Click and select or drop photo here.' Remember to save changes.

PROTIP 1: There's only 1 obligatory field - a name.

PROTIP 2: If you fill in extra details, your exhibitors will appreciate your efforts.

You can rearrange the order that exhibitor profiles will be displayed in the mobile app. Simply use drag'n'drop feature to move given entries up or down on the list.
It is also possible to sort the profiles alphabetically at any time.
See how to sort exhibitor profiles:

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