General - describe your event in the application

Enter event data to make your app the best information source for users

In this section, you should upload all important data like application name, begin date & hour, end date & hour, timezone, place, website address, contact data (email and phone number).

PROTIP: Remember to keep a consistent hour format. If you use a 12-hour clock, remember about AM and PM. If you go for 24-hour clock, stick to 13:00 instead of 1:00 PM.

Paste your event description under 'About' section. Use a text editor to highlight the most important information.

In the mid section of this page, you have your landing page settings. The following information are displayed on the landing page: your event's name, date, description and real-time agenda. You can put a short app download instruction here.

Upload your event banner - it will be shown when users type your event name in the search field in Meeting Application.

In order to upload the banner press 'Click and select or drop banner file here.' and pick the right image. We recommend the size: 1008x361px.

Remember to save changes.

Take a look below:

Below you can find Restricted application access setting. This is an additional protection - if you decide to use it, your attendees will need to enter the access code to get into your event.

See how to set the access code:

The next section allows you to decide whether to enable Social Media (Facebook or LinkedIn) login/registration access or not. If you are not willing to let your attendees access the app via their social accounts, disable that option:

The last part of this section allows you to clear all your application data and reset app content.
This activity will erase the content you've already entered into your application & components. This action is irreversible - do it only when you are 100% sure that you want to start from scratch!
PROTIP: Only the following settings ("Settings -> General" section) will remain unchanged:
Application's name, Logo, Colours, Banner, Timezone, Begin/End dates & hours, Place, Website, Email, Phone, About, Download manual, Restricted application access & code.

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