How can I change the date/time format?

If you would like to change timezone of your event or set start and end dates/hours, just go to Settings -> General tab in the CMS Administrator Panel, where you will find the necessary options.

The below instruction might be helpful:

General - describe your event in the application

Remember to keep a consistent hour format. If you use a 12-hour clock, remember about AM and PM. If you go for 24-hour clock, stick to 13:00 instead of 1:00 PM.

It is important while adding events into the Agenda.

To learn how to do that, check the following article:

Agenda - keep the most important element up-to-date

The way of displaying time format is also dependent on individual preferences on users smartphones. Times entered in 24-hour format will be automatically converted into 12-hour for those, who use such system setting.

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