I cannot find my application, what to do?

I've created the event via CMS Panel, however when I download Meeting Application and search for my event, no results can be found.

There are two ways to find your event in the Meeting Application hosted app:

  • scan QR code
  • type the name of your event in the search field

If you cannot find the app by typing the name, please make sure that:

  • you've entered the correct event name
  • the event is published (searching is enabled)

Events are hidden by default and usually stay hidden for the whole preparation phase. We are enabling events once they are fully prepared and ready - typically few days before they start. The decision when to publish the app is up to event organizers.

It prevents attendees from being confused while accidentally entering the empty event.

If you are the event organizer and you've just completed preparation, let us know that you are ready to publish your event :-)

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