Languages - multiple language support

Translate your app content into given language versions

Meeting Application supports multiple language layers.

It is possible to create few language layers - you can prepare and upload your content in different language versions.

Depending on users smartphones' settings the app content will be displayed in a given language version.

There is one main language layer in the app.

All the content you put there will be automatically copied into other remaining language layers, at the moment of creating them by your Meeting Application assistant. Thus you don't have to enter each data multiple times.

After a new layer is provided, all copied content in it should be translated into its language by admin on the side of the organizer.

First, let's change the active language layer.

Go to languages section and pick the language layer you want to edit from the drop-down list.

See how to switch between language layers:


After you change your active language version, you will be able to edit app content for this given language layer.

We are highly recommending editing content only, as adding new elements in additional layers will cause coping them automatically into other, existing layers, leading to language discrepancies.



Now you can translate all the information you want.




Let's start from changing the component name:


Now it's time to learn how to edit a sample content.
First, create it on the main language layer and then switch between layers.
The next step will be to find the given content and edit it - translate it to your target language.
See how to do it for Agenda component:


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