News | Social Media - manage news that your participants are receiving

Keep attendees informed about news via various communication channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or RSS.

It is a place for your dedicated event news with visuals and social media integration.

1. How to integrate your social media?
Click 'Add source' button and choose social media you want to integrate with. Pick one source from a drop-down list (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or RSS) and fill in the gaps. Once you are ready, press 'save changes' button. You can add one or all channels.
PROTIP: Social Media feeds are being refreshed every 1 hour following the below scheme:
RSS xx:20
Twitter xx:30
YouTube xx:40
Facebook xx:50
meaning that i.e. Facebook content will be updated at 10:50, 11:50 and so on.
Take a look at the videos:

2. How to create dedicated news?
Click 'Add source' button and choose 'News' from a drop-down list. Name your dedicated news channel (e.g. Breaking News). Next, find your new channel on the source list and press 'Feed'. Now click 'Add News' and create your message. Type news title, main content and add visual material (optional). Once you are ready, press 'save changes' button.
PROTIP: You can delete news but you cannot edit them. Copy your description before removing the whole message. You will be able to paste it if needed.
PROTIP 2: recommended picture size: 1024x768
See how to create News channel and add a news:

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