Send 'Welcome e-mail' - encourage users to log in & join the event

Distribute app download instruction & user logins

When you have a final attendee list, it is a good idea to send welcome e-mails.

What can you include in your e-mail?

  • essential info about the event and a list of useful app functions
  • an app download instruction (A link to your landing page that is placed under 'i' icon in the CMS)
  • a password generator & reminder (It is optional and applies to a whitelist mode. It doubles your security checks.)

Edit your message and check for any spelling mistakes.

A sample (default) welcome email to unregistered users:

"Hi, {username}

Owner of {appname} registered your email ({usermail}). Now you have access to important news and information about the event.

To generate your password, follow THIS LINK*

Download app from Event Landing Page**

In case of forgotten password, you can always change it later HERE*** "

* linked to password generator

** linked to your Landing Page

*** linked to password reminder

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