User import from a CSV file - use automation

Load user data automatically

What are the 3 main advantages of user data import?

  • Ability to send welcome e-mail. This tool boosts hospitality and increases a download rate.
  • Ability to assign users to group.
  • Ability to add additional info like name, surname, job position, and company.


Your file should include:

  • name
  • surname
  • e-mail
  • job position
  • company
  • group

If you do not know some of this information, put two commas which are not separated by space.

Eg. Jan Kowalski,,CEO,Firma Polska,VIP

If you don't know that Jan is a CEO: Jan Kowalski,,,Firma Polska, VIP


Administrator declares that he has a permission from users to process their data.

PROTIP 1: You need to create all groups before user data import. Remember to use consistent names.

PROTIP 2: Import users once you have a complete attendee list. It is best to upload a final directory.

Here's a sample *.csv file with data to be imported.


See how to open the downloaded CSV file in your Spreadsheet:



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