What is the default language of the app? Does it support multiple languages?

What happens if I'm using other language on my smartphone than ENG/PL?

App language version is being set depending on your telephone system settings.

There are 2 types of language content in the app:

  • system messages (fixed messages such as "Sign up / Log in...", "App content updated", "Press again to exit", etc.)
  • your in-app event content (Agenda, Speaker profiles - all your components in general)

System messages are being displayed in Polish (if you use PL language setting on your phone) or English (for all the other language settings).

Event content depends on you - you decide what kind of information and in which language to put over there. Meeting App supports Cyrillic alphabet as well.

If you'd like to have more than one language layer, we offer such option as an additional feature. You can prepare your app content in multiple language versions. And of course, it is also being set depending on the smartphone system settings.

Contact for further guidance how to add additional language layers into your app.

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