How to add promotional banners to the application?


Banners in the application are a perfect idea for its personalization, promotions of partners, sponsors, or selected exhibitors.

The Banner component remains hidden in the administration panel and application because its content is visible in other components. The banners will be displayed in selected places of the application. The display location is set when creating the banner.

How to create a promotional banner

To add a banner, enter the Banners component and select “+”. Then complete all fields marked with “*”. The banner name will not be visible to application users. Optionally, clicking the banner in the application can move the user to the designated place using the added URL link. The link should be placed in the designated place on the form.

Banners can be displayed in 3 places:

  • TOP – at the top of the selected component,
  • BOTTOM – at the bottom of the selected component,
  • POP-UP – a banner displayed in the center of the screen that needs to be closed before continuing

Banners displayed in the upper or lower part of the screen can be used in two components: Agenda and Speakers. The Pop-up banner is displayed on various screens after the user completes a certain number of entries to the application. The number of entries can be specified in the panel by selecting it from the “Show Popup Banners” list. If you set more than one pop-up banner, they will be displayed randomly.

Banner sizes

Recommended banner size: TOP and BOTTOM if you insert one of them:

  • recommended size: the longer side should not exceed 1920 px
  • horizontal orientation, 2.5:1, 3:1 side ratio
  • resolution: 72 ppi
  • maximum file size: 2MB
  • JPG or PNG format

Recommended size of POP-UP banners:

  • Recommended size: the longer side should not exceed 1920 px
  • vertical orientation, 3: 5 ratio recommended
  • resolution: 72 ppi
  • maximum file size: 2MB
  • JPG or PNG format

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