Create your own content in the WWW/Resources component

WWW/Resources component

It is the most flexible component in the application that you can easily adapt to your needs. Built-in HTML / CSS editor gives you many possibilities for creating content with the option of setting a dedicated look. Here everything depends on you and your ingenuity. This component also allows you to add links that redirect users to external websites, e.g. advertising and information pages.

HTML/CSS editor

To add a new page with HTML code in the category, select “Add HTML page”. Creating a page requires naming it. This name will appear in the list of all HTML sheets created if multiple pages have been added to the component. If there is only one page, after selecting this component in the menu, the user will be immediately taken to the place where the content you created will be visible.

In the upper frame of the panel there is a text editor that allows you to enter content and add images. If you want to make changes to the HTML code, press “<>” to edit it. The entered content can also be stylized using CSS.


To add an external link in the category, select the “Add External Website” option, then insert the link URL and its name. Adding one link will cause that after clicking the web component on the side menu, the user will be automatically taken to an external page. If you add more than one link, the component will display a list with page titles, and clicking the selected label will take the user to an external source.

Returning to the second step “Components” in the “Constructor” section, select “…” to the right of the component name to enter its edition. There you will change its name and icon and adjust the component to the content that you have prepared in it.

Examples of using the WWW/Resources component

Promotional Codes

Your exhibitors and partners are preparing special promotions for event participants? Use this component to create a promotional zone with discount codes. Insert graphics encouraging to participate in the promotion, with links redirecting to selected stores. Remember that every promotion requires adding regulations.


As part of the event, you run competitions and you do not know where to put the regulations and text encouraging participating. You can use this component to create a section with competitions. Here you can create subpages where everything will be clear, transparent and encourage fun.

Area guide

Become a guide around your city. Show the conference participants the way to the hotel, restaurant, or tell about the curiosities that buildings and sculptures that they encounter on the road carry.

Event – in many places at once. Does your conference require a walk from building to building? Make it easier for guests to move between designated places by placing information about each building and navigating them to the right place by adding interactive maps

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