Data import to Speakers component!

How to save data for import

Data should be saved as a .csv file. The following software allows for saving files in this format: Excel, Numbers and Google Docs. Before exporting make sure that your file will be saved in Unicode UTF 8. If your file is saved in another coding scheme, an error will occur while importing it to the panel. To fix this, convert your file with a free online tool.

Import data to Speakers component

Prepare the .csv file for importing the speakers with the following columns: uuid, first_name, last_name, vip, position, company, country, description, show_contact_details, email, phone, facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, instagram, photo_url. All the columns must be in order as above, to import the data successfully, even if not all of them are filled with content. A spelling error in the name of the columns or omitting one of them, results in the incorrect import of data, or the lack of it. Data input in the uuid and last_name columns are required.

How to enter data into the file

uuid– It’s the specific identifier for the speaker’s profile. We recommend completing it with the following numbers from 1 to infinity – this identifier should be individual for each speaker’s profile.

In the “vip” column you can assign a VIP status to chosen speakers. It allows displaying speaker’s profile with a VIP label at the top of the speakers list. To add a VIP status to a profile type in “1” in the column.

Complete the “email” and “phone” columns to add contact details to the speaker’s profiles. If you do not want to enter data, leave the cells blank in those columns. To reveal the contact details of the speaker, enter value “1” in the “show_contact_detail” column and they will be visible in the application in his profile for all users.

The email address can not contain special characters and the phone number must be typed in without spaces. If you want to add an area code, write it in one sequence with the phone number omitting the “+” sign, e.g. 17778889999, 48777888999.

Adding language layers

Translating speaker profiles into other languages ​​is only possible when language layers have been added to the administrative panel in the Basic Info section.

To import the next language layer to the Speaker component, you need to prepare a new .csv file with translated data in the position and description columns. The rest of the columns should remain unchanged. Partner profiles in both files should have the same order and UUIDs numbers.

Importing the language layers is only possible when the data in the main layer was entered also by import.

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