Feed Wall component - discussion forum

Thanks to the Feed Wall functionality, you enable application users to express opinions, exchange experiences and forum discussions. By creating more channels, you can also create closed spaces for a specific group of participants by adding User_grup tags.

Creating channels in the FeedWall component

After entering and saving the basic application data in the Basic Info section, you go to the next step in which you select the functionalities that you plan to use. Selecting the Feed Wall component will automatically add a general channel, available for discussion for all participants. If you want to gather all the communication in one place, then you do not need to set anything else!

In order to create more channels, go to the next step in the top menu – Content. Next, select Feed Wall from the side menu, then in the bottom right corner click the “(+) New channel” button. It is important that the channel name is legible – this will help participants choose the thematic channel that they are currently interested in.

While editing or creating a channel, you can also create a Welcome Post that will be pinned to the top of the channel. To do this, complete the fields Post content and Upload picture. The use of the Welcome Post can be diverse. It often contains information about the channel or the event itself, or even a greeting from the sponsor.

How to create a dedicated channel for a selected group of users

In order to create a channel with limited access to a selected group of users, it is necessary to prepare user_group tags first. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in this article.

After creating tags in the Tag Database section, select the Feed Wall component from the menu on the left. In the window that appears, go to the component settings by pressing the label button in the upper right corner. Add the user_grup tags you created earlier, which you want to assign to this component. 

From now on, the newly created channels will automatically contain all tags added to the component.

Choosing the right group tags

When creating/editing a channel, you will be asked to select a target group in the “Choose user groups” section. 

Since all tags will be added automatically, all you need to do is exclude groups for which the channel is not intended.

Also, remove the “All users” tag, which means access for everyone, even those who are not in any group.

If tags were added to the component after the channel was created, that is, they did not update automatically, then you can complete them by clicking “Choose user groups” and choosing the appropriate groups.


As an administrator, you can manage content that appears on created channels. In the administration panel, select the Application section at the top of the screen, then Feed Wall, and the channel you want to verify. From this level, you have a preview of the posts added by participants and you can delete those that you deem inappropriate.

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