How to add exhibitor profiles in the application?

If you organize an exhibition or fair event, this is the best component to gather all the information and contact details about exhibitors. A clear list of exhibitors, including highlighting VIP statuses, will help participants freely browse profiles and find the content they are looking for, and even redirect to the exhibitor’s stand on the interactive map.

Adding exhibitor profiles - basic information

To add new exhibitors to the list, select the Content section in the upper menu, and then the Exhibitors component in the side menu. When in its edition, at the bottom of the page select the (+) New Exhibitor icon. To create a new profile, only the exhibitor’s name is mandatory. Although, it is worth adding more key data, such as a website or logo, and even a contact person.

Add Exhibitor Tags – you can create a tag, which once entered the search engine will help the participant see a specific set of exhibitors. With this feature, you can group them by industry or by any other factor.

VIP Status – by selecting this option, the selected exhibitor obtains the status of “VIP”, which allows displaying the profile at the top of the list of exhibitors in the mobile application, along with the visible VIP icon. It also gives the opportunity to supplement the profile with an additional photo that makes it stand out in the mobile application and on the dedicated Landing Page too.

Social Media – here you can add social network channels to the exhibitor profile in the mobile application. You can also decide if you want to display these links only for logged in participants by selecting the option “Only for Logged in”.

Contact with the exhibitor during the event

In the application, you can indicate who represents the given exhibitor. To do this, choose one of the two available options:

  1. CONTACT PERSON ON EVENT – by selecting the (+) icon, you go to creating the exhibitor’s representative profile. His/her contact information will be visible to all event participants in the mobile application and on the dedicated website.
  2. CONTACT USERS ON EVENT – by clicking the “Click to select user” button, you will open a list of all participants of the event (logged in or imported), from which you choose representatives. The choice of this option is recommended because it allows the participant to interact directly with the representative in the form of a text conversation or individual video call.

The Contact User representative must be logged in to the application or should be imported into it beforehand, to enable it to be added to the exhibitor’s profile. Such user will also be visible as a participant in other sections such as Business matching or Attendees.

Contact information – you can also add contact details in a more traditional way by entering the company’s email address or phone number in this section. You can also decide if this data should be publicly available. Selecting the “Only for Logged in” button will make them visible only to logged-in participants.

Import of exhibitors to the application

Data import is a collective method of entering exhibitor information. Learn how to import exhibitors into the Meeting Application panel.

Interactive map of the facility with exhibitors' stands

In order to create an interactive event map, add the Interactive Map component to the application. It will support the participant’s navigation around the event facility and allows you to show the exhibition area, including exhibitors’ stands. You can add multiple exhibitor profiles to the created stand if needed. Each exhibitor profile added this way will get the “show on map” function, which will help the participant easily locate the one he/she is looking for.

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