How to configure the Meeting Application app?

Entering basic information

The first step to creating an event application is to enter basic data such as conference name, description, event date, address, and time zone. The entered data will be visible in the application in the Event Info section.

Make sure you complete all fields marked with an asterisk – these are mandatory fields. Other information is not required, however it is recommended to complete it too.

You can add and edit basic data during the creation of the application, as well as after its publication.

Time zone selection

Choosing the right time zone ensures good performance of the event agenda and PUSH notifications, as well as other time-based application functions.

Choice of application language

By clicking “+” on the top bar you can add language layers to your application. The system language added and selected as the default is English. If you are preparing an application for a multicultural audience, it is best to leave it unchanged.

When preparing several language layers of application content, keep in mind which one you choose as the default, because if the content is not available in the language that the recipient has set on their phone, then the content from the default language layer will be displayed. In a situation where the user has set the phone language such as one of the language layers added, the application will automatically adapt to the chosen setting and display the content in that language.

Application personalization

The administration panel allows you to personalize the appearance of the application by setting colors, adding a banner and event logo. Personalization of the event application ensures its unique appearance and consistency with the visual identity of the brand.

Choice of colors in the application

You can choose our color suggestions or create your own. To personalize the colors, click on the selected window and enter the hexadecimal number of the color (HEX code e.g. # 000000 denoting black).

Graphic Content

The application allows you to enter your own logo and personalized banners. To add image files, press Browse for Files or drag an item from the disk to the designated field.

Logo – When added, it displays in a square. The prepared file should meet the following conditions:

  • 1:1 aspect ratio (square),
  • min. resolution 1024×1024 px,
  • JPG or PNG format,
  • file size max 1MB

The Banner – added in the Basic Info section will be displayed in the background of the Even Info component in the application. The application does not crop the photos, so it’s important to keep the right proportions. When designing the banner, take into account that part of it will be covered in the application by the event logo. The prepared banner should meet the following conditions:

  • 2:1 aspect ratio – horizontal frame,
  • min. resolution 1000×500 px,
  • JPG or PNG format
  • file size max 2MB

Access settings

Decide who should see your event. We enable you to choose an adequate level of access security from the list – from very open to very closed.

Regardless of the access option chosen, additional verification of the participant may be to secure the application by giving it an access code, i.e. a password, which must be entered to view the content of the application. Learn more about application access settings.

Event tickets

Entrance only after purchased “Tickets” – enable if entry to your event requires a ticket, the purchase of which will be possible thanks to cooperation with the Meeting Application.

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Access settings - access mode

Decide who can access your application! Let people without logging in, or limit access for guests who have made an account in the application. Add whitelist to create a closed event.

How to download Meeting Application?

Download the Meeting Application from the App Store or Google Play and have a preview of the content you enter. Learn how to create application download instructions for guests of your event.