How to create PUSH notification?

PUSH notifications

Draw the attention of users to the most important information, direct them to designated places and inform them about changes.

How to create a PUSH notification

To create a PUSH notification, go to the “PUSH Notification” component and select “+”. Complete all fields marked with ‘*’. The notification must contain a short title, which is a message abbreviation plus description.

Push notifications can be directed to a selected group of users or to all guests of the event. If you want to send a PUSH notification to a selected group of users, add the tag corresponding to a specific group of recipients in the Choose User Group field. At the same time, under the tag selection box, remove the “All User” tag by pressing “x”. The “All User” tag is added by default for each new notification.

Push forwarding to the component

Push can redirect users to a selected place in the application, drawing their attention to the most important elements. To choose a redirection destinate location, in the Target field, select the component to which you want to redirect recipients. In the next step, “Choose Component”, specify which component should be directed by PUSH in the event that one of the components appears in the application more than once.

If it is important for you to redirect users as accurately as possible, in the last field “Choose Item” select the target element within the selected component, eg a specific session on the agenda or a selected quiz.

PUSH appearing on the phone screen, when clicked, redirects the user to the selected place. All notifications that the user will receive are available in the bottom navigation bar of the application, in the notification section. There you can check the details of notifications received, and after clicking “Redirect” to be redirected to the destination.

Scheduling sending push notifications

The PUSH notification can be sent in real-time, or be scheduled to be sent in the future. Select “Send Now” to send the notification immediately. If you want to schedule a despatch, select “Send Later” and enter the appropriate date. Planned PUSH notifications are sent by the system, which may result in a few minutes (1-5 min) difference between the actual delivery time and the planned time.

To make sure that the planned PUSH notifications will be sent correctly, double-check that the event time zone set in basic info is correct.

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