How to import event participants?

To import users to an event, go to the Application tab, then click Application Users. From here you can manage user accounts and the list of participants. The buttons for importing and exporting the users list are located in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking on the import option, you will see a window from which you can download the template for data input.

The import is done through the prepared csv file, which contains the following columns: first_name, last_name, email, position, company, country, biography, phone_number, user_groups, user_tags, image_url, user_external_uuid. In order to import the file correctly, all the above-mentioned columns should be present in it, in the given order. A spelling mistake in the column name or the omission of one of them results in an incorrect data import or missing part of the data.

When importing users, the fields in the first_name, last_name, user email columns are required, and all  the other data are optional. Even if you don’t fill in all the columns, their names should still be included in the imported file and in the order indicated.

How to fill the users import template?

  1. It is required to fill in the first three columns (first name, last name, email). Each cell should contain at least 3 characters. Make sure there is no “space” character before or after the email address (keep this in mind also for the content entered in the other columns).
  2. Filling the remaining columns is optional, but even if you don’t use them, they should remain intact. Therefore, you should not edit their names, order, or visibility.
  3. Instructions for individual columns:

country – enter the two-letter country code according to the international standard, e.g. for the United States of America it will be: US.

phone number – insert numbers only  (spaces and other characters are forbidden). It may contain one telephone number.

user_groups – in this column, enter a tag specifying a user group. This will allow selected content to be displayed to this group. If the user is not assigned to any group, leave this field blank. The user will not see this tag in their profile.

user_tags – this tag specifies a participant and is visible to all users. It is helpful in establishing business contacts. Participants can add tags created in this section to their profiles on their own.

image_url – place a square profile picture on any hosting site. Make sure it is publicly available, and then paste into the template the link to a file that ends in image format (jpg. or png.).

user_external_uuid – each user automatically receives an individual QR code from our system. If you want to give participants QR codes from your own database, put their ID in this section. This feature is only available in dedicated applications. If you want to use it, we recommend contacting our representatives to arrange the details.

ticket_id – if during the import the participant should automatically receive one of the tickets prepared for this event, put its id here. Contact a dedicated assistant to determine the types of tickets and their id.

The user_groups and user_tags tags entered in the template will be automatically created in the application management panel, in the Tag Database section.

If you want to add more than one user_tags and user_groups tag, enter them in the template, listing them after a comma, without using spaces, e.g. VIP,Red.

How to save the file for import correctly?

The data for imported should be saved in a .csv file, with columns separated by commas. It is easily possible thanks to such programs as: Libre Office, Numbers (application for iOS users) and Google Docs Spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel requires system changes to do this properly, so we recommend choosing one of the programs listed above to simplify the process.

Import the prepared file to the application management panel – section Application / Application users – using a cloud icon with an arrow pointing to it.

If you have encountered a problem and after checking the compliance of the data with the instructions provided, you have not been able to solve it, please contact the dedicated assistant.

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