How to import users to the app?

How to save data for import

Data should be saved as a .csv file. The following software allows for saving files in this format: Excel, Numbers and Google Docs. Before exporting make sure that your file will be saved in Unicode UTF 8. If your file is saved in another coding scheme, an error will occur while importing it to the panel. To fix this, convert your file with a free online tool.

Import of Users

To import users to the event, you should go to the Application section, and then click “Application Users” in the side menu. Here you can manage users profiles and the attendees list. Buttons to import and export files are located in the top right-hand corner.

Prepare the .csv file for importing the users with the following columns: first_name, last_name, email, position, company, country, biography, phone_number, user_groups, user_tags, image_url, user_external_uuid. All the columns must be in order as above, to import the data successfully. A spelling error in the name of the columns or omitting one of them, results in the incorrect import of data, or the lack of it.

When importing users, the required fields are: first_name, last_name, user email the rest are optional. Even if you do not want to populate all columns with content, their names are still required to be in the imported file in a provided order.

user_groups – allows you to group users e.g. All Users (if a user is not in any particular group, then leave this section blank with only visible column name), VIP, Exhibitor, Speaker, Guest. Adding this tag, allows your guest to see specific content, which is intended for this user group.

user_tag – it’s a tag that allows users to describe themselves. It is visible in the users’ profile and allows guest to filter the users list by specific tags. Make it easier for your guests to communicate with the other attendees.  e.g. Graphics, Organizer, 

user_external_uuid – You want to create the QR code with specific data assigned to the users because, for instance, you use an external tool, that is based on QR codes technology. You can import any data here which will be inserted into the QR code. This code will be visible in the application in a user profile. 

Due to the fact that this functionality is available in dedicated apps only – let the sales team or your dedicated assistant know that you wish to use it. Starting this function will turn off adding to friends by mutual scanning in the application but you can still send friend invitations in the Attendees section.

If you would like to add more than one tag, you should list them after a comma “,” without spaces between them e.g. VIP,All Users,Group A,Group B .

User_groups and user_tags tags will be created automatically in the app. You will see them in Tag Database section.

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