Partners and Sponsors Component

When organizing an event, its Partners and Sponsors are additional support. Make sure to highlight their presence and role by creating their profiles in the event application.

Adding a category

To add new partners to the list, select the Content section in the top menu, then the Partners / Sponsors component from the side menu. Then at the bottom of the page select “(+) Add new Category”, and enter the name under which the group of partners will be visible. The categories created allow dividing sponsors and partners into any subgroups such as gold, silver, media, honorary patronage. The category name will be visible to guests of the event, so make it sound representative.

Using the stars located under the category name (Choose priority size) you set the size of logotypes – the larger the selected star, the larger will be the logotypes of all partners added to this category.

Click and hold the category, and it will allow you to drag it to another place on the list, thus changing the order of displayed categories. You can change the order of the partners in the same way, but you will not transfer the partner profile between categories.

Adding Partner / Sponsor profiles

Under the appropriate category, select “(+) Add Partner profile” to create a new profile. Only the name is needed to create it. The rest of the fields are optional, but it is worth adding more information, e.g. description, website or logo.

CONTACT PERSON ON EVENT – by selecting the “(+)” icon next to this option, we go to creating a partner representative profile. In addition to name and surname, there is also space for contact details, descriptions, and photos.

Contact information – you can also add company contact details by entering an email address or phone number in this section. Also, decide if this data should be publicly available. Selecting the “Only for Logged in” button will make them visible only to logged-in participants.

Social Media – add shortcuts to partner channels on social networks. Also, decide if you want to display these links only to logged-in participants by selecting the option “Only for Logged in”.

The collective method of entering data about partners is the import option described in the article: “How to import partners and sponsors into the Application?”. The manual also contains instructions on how to enter data in additional language layers

Additional exposure of Partners and Sponsors

Do you want to emphasize the presence of some Partners and Sponsors? Use for this purpose other available functions of our product.

Banner component – allows you to add promotional banners in selected components, with the option of moving the user to an external website. 

Push component – draw the attention of all participants by sending a notification with a partner message. It may also include an option to redirect the participant to the indicated content.

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