Social Media Component

Let others keep up with your brand

If you are active in social media, this component must be in your application. Since you are creating event-related content and sharing key information online, then hook up the channel on which you publish it to provide it to users on an ongoing basis in the application.

How the Social Media component works

The Social Media component takes posts from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. These posts are displayed in the application in chronological order, which allows event participants to be up to date with the latest information. In addition, in the Social Media component, you can publish posts directly from the level of the admin panel – News.

How to add social networks to the application

To add a profile from a social network, press “+”, name it and choose what type it is: Facebook, Tweet or YouTube. Then enter the URL directly to the fan page or channel. The first time you implement a channel, the system will need up to one hour to download current content.

Add a Facebook fan page, not a link to an event, group, or post. Similarly with YouTube – enter the link to the channel, not to a single video.

Posts are downloaded every 30 minutes for each channel. Accordingly, in the hours:

  • Facebook at: HH: 00 and HH: 30
  • Twitter at: HH: 05 and HH: 35
  • YouTube at: HH: 10 and HH: 40

How to post in the News/Social Media Component

Adding posts from the administrator in the Social Media component requires creating a separate channel. It can be called the event short name or the term “News”. Then select the channel type from the drop-down list: news. After completing these steps, just enter the post content into the expanded form and you can add the selected image.

Recommended image file size

Recommended requirements for image files added in posts:

  • size 1920px x 1080px,
  • 72 ppi resolution
  • the maximum file size should not exceed 10 MB.

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