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Speakers in the Meeting Application app

Speakers are often the biggest stars at the conference. They attract crowds of guests who want to listen to the lecture or participate in workshops. That is why it is so important to complete their profiles as completely as possible. Meeting Application allows you to create a component dedicated to them.

The Speakers component allows you to connect a speaker to a selected session in the agenda, so that users can go with one click and read the most important information about the speaker and find out which sessions he/she will perform.

Add Speaker profile

To add a speaker profile, press “+” and fill out the form. All fields marked with “*” are required. However, it is worth supplementing the profile with all available information such as the company, position or country of origin. It is also possible to add biographical notes and links to the speaker’s social media.

The speaker’s VIP status allows his profile to be displayed at the top of the list. This marking is also visible in the application – in the form of a label next to the name.

You can change the order of the displayed speakers by dragging the created profile to the appropriate place on the list.

Adding a list of speakers is also possible by importing them from a previously prepared csv. file – learn how to import speakers to the Meeting Application.

Adding language layers in speakers' profiles

If you decided on more than one language layer in the first step of creating the application, you can also translate the speaker profiles. To add a translation, select the flag at the top of the screen and fill in the empty fields. Areas that do not require translation are grayed out.

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