Surveys and quizzes in the event application


Quizzes – you can use them as a form of fun, to check knowledge or as an element of gamification. They will make your event even more engaging. The possibility of scoring points will encourage guests to competition and active participation. 

Surveys – they are always a good tool to gather feedback, or ask for opinions in any matter.

Saved questions cannot be edited during the ongoing quizzes /surveys. Doing changes in already saved questions will permanently delete the results collected from users so far.

Visibility of surveys/quizzes for the users

Surveys and quizzes can be published immediately or anytime during the conference. To publish and hide quizzes/surveys, change the value ​​in the “publish” field. If you want to hide the Survey/Quizzes Component in the application menu, go to the sidebar, press “…” and select the “Hide the Component” button.

Quizzes and surveys for selected groups of users

If you want the quiz/survey to be available only for the selected user group, add the corresponding user group tag in the “Select user group” field. In such a situation, remember to remove the tag All Users, which is added from default. 

Creating a survey

To create a survey, head to the component and press “Add your first Survey or Quiz… ” button. Fill in all required fields, marked with an asterisk (*) in the expanded form. Give the survey a catchy title that will encourage users to complete it. Then in the “Publish” field choose whether you want to publish your survey now or later. It’s the only field that can be edited during the ongoing survey. You can hide and unhide surveys during the event, with no worries of losing results.

Asking questions in the surveys

You can add the open or closed answers to the questions created in the survey. The order of added questions and answers can be changed by drag & drop function. Just grab the question in the left corner and drag it up or down, plus you can use the same system to rearrange provided answers. After clicking a red icon on the right side of the screen one of the answers will be deleted. If you want to delete the question, select the “REMOVE QUESTION” button. To add another question in the same survey, select “Add Question”.

Creating quizzes

If you want to create a quiz, turn on a switch “Enable to Quiz mode”. After that, a new “Visible Results” checkbox will be unlocked, you decide whether the results will be visible to the users during the quiz, or they should be kept for admins only. To show the result to the users, select “yes”.  In the “Publish” section, choose “yes” if your quiz should be visible in the app now.

Questions in quizzes

The quizzes have only the close ended questions which take the form of single or multiple choice questions. Select the type of question from the drop-down list on the right.  One quiz may contain mixed of single or multiple-choice questions. 

Remember to mark the correct answers in the quizzes: 1 answer for single choice questions, 2 or more correct answers for multiple-choice questions.

Visibility of results

The results of quizzes and surveys are collected by the system and you have access to them from the panel. You can display them live on the external page too. To display the data, go to the Application section in the administrative panel, and then select the “Surveys / Quizzes” label in the side menu. All your quizzes will appear on the screen, click one of them to get information about the results. To display them on the external page, copy the link and paste it into the browser.

The results for surveys with close ended questions show the quantitative data as well as the percentage of answers given. Moreover, if the open answers were chosen, they are displayed below. In case of quizzes, the results are visible in the form of a list with a score.

For both Surveys and Quizzes, you can export the received data. To do so choose a specific survey or quiz in the Application section and choose Export icon in the top right corner. 

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