Venue - How do I add directions to an event?

Ensure the participants have good orientation in the field thanks to the map with important and interesting places marked. The Venue functionality is based on Google Maps, which allows GPS navigation to the indicated point.

Adding a category

To add new places, firstly you need to create a category for them, i.e. a group indicating the type, e.g. restaurants, tourist attractions, parking lots. In the top menu select the Content section and then the Venues component. Then select the (+) Add new Category icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. When creating the first category, this button will be in the center of the screen.

Adding places on the map

After creating the category, proceed to fill the component by adding all locations. Press the (+) Add place button to add a new place on the map. In the window that appears, fill in the fields: name and address – they are required.

By completing the address field, you can choose one of the hints that appear below, or enter the entire address and indicate the correct place manually:

  1. When one of the Google suggestions appearing under the “address” field is selected, the pin will be automatically moved to the destination
  2. If you do not select any of the hints when entering the address, remember to place the pin in the expected place on the map with the right mouse button. If you do not do this, the default coordinates (0 longitude and 0 latitude) will be saved.

If the pin appeared in the wrong place, you can always move it by right-clicking on the correct place on the map.

You can also add a website address, description, and photo to each of the created objects. These elements can help participants to positively identify a place and obtain additional information, or to facilitate booking a place.

Category visibility for the selected user group

Editing category visibility in the Venue component allows for a subtle distribution of dedicated data, such as VIP car parks, or an evening party venue for a closed guest list.

In order to create objects with access limited to a selected group of users, it is necessary to prepare user_group tags first. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in this article: “Content management in the application – Tag Database”

After creating tags in the Tag Database section, select the Venues component from the menu on the left. In the window that appears, go to the component settings by pressing the label button in the upper right corner. Add the user_grup tags you created earlier that you want to assign to this component.

From now on, the newly created categories will automatically contain all tags added to the component. Remember to remove the “All users” tag from the category intended only for the specific user group.

To change the visibility of the category, go to editing the user_groups tags assigned to it. To do this, press the ellipses to the right of the category name, and then select “Edit user groups” from the drop-down list to change the settings for the selected category.

Click and hold the category, and it will allow you to drag it to another place on the list, thus changing the order of the displayed categories in the mobile application.

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